Re: Mount "shaking"

Maxime Spano


Thanks for your answers.
Don, the shaking was difficult to identify as it was not present all the time and not every night (it just shake for 4 or 5 sec then it's ok for 30s). It's just that some nights autoguiding was crazy and some other nights ok. I thought it was something to do with the balance, the encoders, PXP model, Scitech param...
Remove the old grease and put new one is on the planning now.
I will test probably tomorrow night, first to see if the shaking is still there and with different encoder mode. I will see what tics/rev we have in our Scitech param.
I am still surprised that grease can have such a high impact on the mount and blocking the motors (tightness of the worm on the gear was not touched for years)

Dan, ok I will look and let you know about the position error we have

Jan, thank you for these info. So it means we have a circonference of 628.32mm and at 50nm per ticks we obtain 12.5 millions ticks per rev, right?

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