Re: Generic camera control option

paul K

Just to chip in about sequence generator pro (SGP). I have used it and the Sitech II controller with a MESU 200 mount and the SBIG STT8300 mono camera with filter wheel for 5 years or so. I Image galaxies mainly. SGP is provided by Mainsequence software and it is very comprehensive in terms of drawing together all the components required for astro imaging (camera, mount, focuser, platesolve, autoguider, dome control , camera rotator etc. I find it very straightforward to use, and the support forum is well supported by Ken and Jared (the originators and developers) and other knowledgeable folks. I think there is a no cost version which is good to try, but I bought the 'pro' version, just to support the development effort rather than needing the functions really. SGP is interactive too, you can see images integrating and view when they download. It has a nice notification system to keep you posted on progress on your mobile via text/ email and a framing and mosaic wizard to help selecting and framing targets.
I find that with the support here from Dan and Don and others, and that which I get from the SGP folks, it serves me really well for my galaxy imaging exploits. The only other software I've used for camera control years ago was Nebulosity, but it's features are not nearly as sophisticated as SGP - the two are different beasts really, and I like Nebulosity for processing. I know that MAXIM is good too, but I have never tried it.
I hope this helps.

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