Re: Comet Tracking

Dan Gray

I seem to be a re-occuring problem with internet links.  The DSS virtual camera, the satellite TLE downloads, and the comet link.  The above directions that were posted are correct EXCEPT 1 minor detail. There is now an 's' in the url.....
You can edit in SiTechExe/Config/ChangeConfig/Misc/"Internet Path to Comet Database"
change this:

to this:

note the https instead of http.

In 0.95G, all of this is fixed (well, for the comets you have to edit as described above, but the satellite tle's and the dss virtual camera work now.

On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 12:37 PM Don W <westergren@...> wrote:

Hi Alvero,

Well, you are now ready for better nights and more comets.  Great!

Don W

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