Re: Comet Tracking

Alvaro Cruz-Cabrera

I tried that last night and it worked relatively well.

As always we had clouds moving in and we have the moon in waning gibbous, so I did not got my best go to (the comet in center of the field, but still visible), but I managed to get some images from the comet.  Not sure if worth publishing;  I was using the sony A7s, so there were no many pixels on the comet.  I can say that I learned something new yesterday, that made my day.



 On 4/4/2020 6:38 PM, Alvaro Cruz-Cabrera wrote:

Great, thanks

On 4/4/2020 6:30 PM, Don W wrote:
SiTech uses the Soft00Cmt.txt data.  You can download it directly in SkyView by clicking on "Orbits" menu.  That data will be downloaded into the SiTech database folder.  Then go to the SkyView Magnitudes menu to set the magnitudes, and then go to Objects menu to turn on Comets.

Don W

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