Re: renishaw scope encoders to compensate backlash


Sorry Dan, I'm afraid you're wrong.
I googled a lot and looked on renishaws homepage, and I can now answer my first question:
High-resolution encoders have initially an analog sine- / cosine-wave signal. The readout head can detect tiny changes along the waves and generate additional digital tics. So real tics are created between the optical lines (there is no "space" and nothing "added"). A resolution of up to 2.5 nm can be achieved at the readout head, with a circumference of 314 mm this is 125,660,000 Tic / rev. That's more than enough.

And my second question is answered by online help within sitech:
"The cascade mode works by positioning the motors to a location where there is zero error on the scope encoders."

So it should work... I hope so. 

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