Re: Comet Tracking

Ross Salinger <rgsalinger@...>

When using the SKYX you also need to push the button Set Track Rates on the Telescope tab to get the correct tracking rate for a comet or an asteroid. I'd stick with the SkyView technique - it works no matter what software you are using.


On 4/4/2020 1:42 PM, Don W wrote:

Hi Alvaro,

The easy way in SiTech is to download the comet database into SkyView and then tell Skyview to go to the comet.  The Skyview dialog will offer to set the tracking rates for the comet (each comet is different).  Alternatively if you use a planetarium program like TheSky and it is connected to SiTech, then directing the mount to the comet from TheSky will set the tracking rates for you.

Don W

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