Re: renishaw scope encoders to compensate backlash


On Sat, Apr 4, 2020 at 10:11 AM, Don W wrote:
The high resolution encoders that will help Dec and correct backlash can not be interpolated encoders - they won't work to see and correct backlash.  Interpolating encoders only work on RA because it is constantly moving, tracking at a nearly constant rate that allows interpolation to work.  A 1 million tick encoder has 1.3 arc-sec resolution, so it would never get closer than the last 1.3 arc-sec.  Only the Servo II can operate with mount encoders of this number tick/rev and higher - the Servo I can't read that many tics.
Hi Don,
the intended ring encoder has 15744 lines x800 = 12,6 M tick/rev. (RESM20 100mm dia + VIONIC 25nm). I have the Servo II. But no chance working due to interpolation?

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