Re: meridian limits

Ross Salinger

Well, I guess my memory must be playing tricks on me. I could have sworn that I turned OFF GEM auto flip in SiTech and had CCDAP control the flip. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

I use CCDAP on two other mounts and they are both set to not AUTO flip in the drivers (I just checked those mounts). CCDAP waits and controls the flip itself. I really thought that I had set up SiTech and CCDAP the same way. I'll have to re-check my settings next time I have access to that mount. This has to mean that the SiTech auto flip means something subtly different from my other mount drivers. Again, apologies for my bad memory.


On 1/26/2020 11:03 AM, Philip Keyser wrote:

None of those programs listed are controlling the flip. All they do is issue a Goto to initiate a flip and they interface directly with Sitech. You have to have the check boxes for GEM auto flip enabled in Sitech for any of them to work properly. The only thing you can control within those programs is whether you want that goto to be sent to initiate the flip and how long before/after the Meridian you want it to be issued. If you don't enable the flip in those programs then the mount will simply track until reaching its limits and stop. That is all they control. Sitech is the only program ever controlling the mount directly and has the last say if a flip will occur or not. If the box isn't checked within Sitech or your settings aren't correct for when the automation software sends the goto then the flip won't occur. 


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