Re: meridian limits


Thanks for your input Ross,

I'm going to try that, thought I had to choose one option for auto flip in the Sitech driver.

Unfortunately the weather doesn't want to cooperate at the moment...
I post here when I have tested.


On 1/12/20 4:45 PM, Ross Salinger wrote:
I don't use ACP, I use CCDAP but Che is correct, in my experience. You
need to turn off the automated flip in SiTech for ACP to control the
flip. I don't image past the meridian but my settings are to have the
auto flip turned off and they work. Remember that an ASCOM "flip"
command doesn't exist. All that happens in ACP or CCDAP is that a slew
command is issued by the imaging software. At that point the mount
driver checks to see if the required slew is east or west of the slew
limit and then either flips the mount or doesn't based on (as I
understand it) "Side of Pier". So, I'd recommend turning that setting
off and setting ACP to flip at the meridian. Then make sure that the
time is correct everywhere and you should see the flip work. If that
happens properly then you can experiment and see how to make it flip
early or late.


On 1/12/2020 6:35 AM, Albert wrote:
Hi Che,

Thanks for your reply.
I had ACP working perfectly with my old mount this way.

The flipping point is set right to the meridian in both ACP and Sitech.
But when I tell Sitech to be able to track past the meridan, it seems
to also shift the flip point, so it won't flip on a GoTo.
When I tell Sitech to track past the meridian, ACP also has to know
that it can image some time past the meridian.


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