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Ross Salinger

I have a mount that has a built in GPS. Typically there is a difference of between 1/4 and 1 full second between the GPS and the internet based time server. Whether that matters to you or not depends on your use cases. There are many GPS based time servers that you can buy if the SiTech server is not what you want.


On 1/3/2020 8:52 AM, Don W wrote:
Hi Ned,

A time server can help a lot if your PC Clock is not accurate.  The clocks in the SiTech controllers are very accurate - if the PC clock wanders then tracking will be off.  You can check this easily running SiTechexe - go Features/OffsetTrackingRates and watch the bottom line that shows the difference between clocks.  If the difference is getting larger, then a time server would be needed.

There are two kinds of time servers you can use.  Internet and GPS hardware servers.

Internet time reads the time from many possible time sources.  I use a program called MasterSynch (a free program) that reads from two internet sources.  It is more than accurate for normal imaging, but probably not accurate for tracking Satellites.  When I use it, I have it set to update the PC clock every 15 seconds, so there is never a significant error.  If you updated every hour, there could be a jog in tracking with a large time correction.

The SiTech time server is extremely accurate,  Dan developed it to be able to track satellites and it works perfectly.  It uses GPS data so it is independent from the internet.  I used mine in Idaho to see the Solar Eclipse from a very remote location.

There are other much cheaper GPS receivers that can provide time, but they are not easy to use, and generally don't do periodic updates to the PC.

Don W

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