Altitude going haywire #tickmanagement #oscillations

Rob Brown

I'm getting very strange behavior from my alt-az drag-n-track all of a sudden. It has been working very well for over a year. Now this:
1) GoTo is tens of degrees off and isn't improving as I build PXP points. In particular, scope wants to move too far in Altitude.
2) I checked Tick Management in Servo Config. Sure enough, the encoder ticks were 10X higher than the motor ticks, instead of the other way around, roughly speaking. So I ran a few cycles of Alt tick management and all the encoder readings come back as "Bad". Motor readings are good though.
3) I saved the new ticks anyway, because they were at least in the expected ballpark.
4) Now in GoTo, the scope oscillates in Alt over the target object and never finishes. The oscillations are at least 2 to 4 degrees in amplitude. 

I am totally lost. Is my encoder bad? Controller1? Or just bad connections? HELP!


Rob Brown

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