Re: PointXP and tracking.

Alvaro Cruz-Cabrera


I do have a mesu mount too.  What version of the scitec software do you use?



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I did my polar alignment with Polemaster. With phd assitant I got a polar aligment error that oscilated between 0.5 and 1.5 arc minute after the polemaster routine. I think your value is very good. I also have the mount in a small observatory with a dual setup, SCT and refractor. You could use ActiveX pointxp for modeling, it is suposed to be more precise than simple point xp. To enable it you must go in Config from sitech.exe aplication and Mount Params and enable ActiveX point xp option. Indeed your RMS value is over 1 degree so there something to be adjusted. Maybe your balance? With a dual setup it s hard for me too to find a good balance with the mount, and I dont think there is a precise method to do the balancing. Are you using Pempro to correct for periodic error? I have talked to mr. Mesu about it and the mount’s periodic error is small and can be easly guided out. I didn’t find anyone on the forums that uses PEC with a mesu. Also a few tips that helped me: check the difference between sitech clock and pc clock. Mine was really off, so I disabled the time sync option in windows and installed an time syncronization aplication. After that I went in offset rates in sitech.exe aplication and syncronized the clocks. Now I have 1 ms difference between sitech clock and pc clock. Time keeping is important for tracking. Also be sure to have the latest stable sitech and firmware aplications installed on your pc. I didn’t pay attention to this and my RA tracking speed was double the Dec speed a while ago because I wasnt using the latest sitech software. You should check to see if both have the same value! Keep us updated on your progress! Feel free to contact me through email : cioc.adrian.dan@...

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