Re: Tracking rate by declination

Sedat Bilgebay

I'm sorry for my tardy feedback. I was busy due to the local elections in my country.

Thank you both. 

I will go through the points you mention. I have been using Paul Kanevsky's NISTSync 1.1 It is updating my PCs clock once per minute as you were suggesting. As for the sky model, I will give this another chance with the encoder parameters you mentioned above. I am also thinking to reduce the acceleration speed of the mount as I am suspecting that this is main culprit for the slippage. So you hit the nail on the head with this one I believe. Currently, the acceleretion is set to 380...I will lower this 100 ? Hope this helps.

Don I have greatly appreciated your detailed explanation as well. As soon as I have a clear night I will go through the steps you listed. I would be grateful if you could share the link to MasterClock. When I google it I get lots of commercial products.

Many thanks again to you both!


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