Latest Manual and Special Request

Alvaro Cruz-Cabrera


My computer died early this year, and now I noticed that I don't have the manual for SiTech.exe that controls my MESU-200.  Is there a place where I can find it and download it.  Thanks.

Now the special request: I had heard that it is possible to write a script to populate the PXP dats (that is why I was looking for the manual and be able to see how the script thing works).  Will it be possible for the script to automatically move the mount, but given that I have a sony a7s (which there is no good way to connect and automatize ), the system should be able to stop and request from the user that it takes the picture from the sky, then the program read the RAW, which for sony it is ARW (figures), or is it enough to read a JPG?, use the picture to perform the astrometry, and then the script allows the mount to move to the next position, and repeat the process, until it populates the data for the PXP?

Any ideas?



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