SiTech, MaximDL 6.16 and Merdian Flipping

Ross Salinger

I am having a strange problem with SiTech and MaximDL working together. I am wondering if there is a workaround or if my settings might have gotten corrupted. Here's the situation. I am running .92ge. I am running MaximDL 6.16. It's a big old custom mount with absolute encoders (but that's not relevant).

I have MaximDL set to perform a "refined slew". That means that I want it to use Pinpoint to do a plate solve and sync after any slew and then slew one more time to the target. When I do that, what happens is the SiTech "grabs" the cameras and performs an offset init. That means the Pinpoint has no access to the image and so it throws an error message and the refinement never happens.Since the offset init has succeeded a second slew to the target (while generating the same error) gives me perfect centering.

This is just annoying when running our system manually. I could even just use the OFFSET INIT instead. However, it gets more than annoying since I want to automate my imaging runs and go to sleep. When I do an automated meridian flip (MaximDL can do these now) everything goes smoothly at first. When the scope gets close to the meridian (timed by the length of my exposures) it plate solves the location. Since this is not a slew it works perfectly. Then tracking is turned off. I have it set to then wait until the target is 5 minutes past the meridian. When the target reaches that point, the scope flips just as it should. Then, because this is a slew, when MDL tries to take an exposure SiTEch intervenes and the whole process fails.

I noticed that there is an option under Misc settings to run a script after a slew. Can I just write a script that does nothing and check that box to stop SiTech from doing an offset init? If the settings file is corrupt, where would I see the setting that's telling SiTEch to do an offset init after every slew. Is there any not obvious reason why this is not a bug - maybe using a PXP model causes this to happen. If I can't fix it I can't use any form of automation at all. This can't be normal behavior. Any/all help here greatly appreciated.

Rgrds-Ross Salinger

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