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Ross Salinger

The Teleapi is no longer the supported as far as I know. That’s for the SKY 5/6. I’d uninstall all of that. Since 2013, the SKYX supports any ASCOM compatible mount. SiTech is such a “mount”.


Install SiTech along with ASCOM 6.3. Then all you have to do is to go into Telescope->Mount Setup. Select ASCOM Mount there. Then use the Settings (in Mount Setup) to select SiTech as THE ASCOM mount. That should bring up the usual rectangular SiTEch panel and you can configure your system from there.


FWIW I’ve found that there is little or no difference between TPoint and the PXP that comes with SiTech, if that matters to you but my understanding is the PXP adjusts the tracking speed which a TPoint model will not do.  




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Need the help of the Brain trust here. Santa got me a shiny new SkyX Pro for x-mas, BUT can't get the mount recognized! Get an error saying it can't open registry entry???
installed TeleAPI 5.0 and Ascom 2.0 mount adapter.
Just know I've gone stupid again and it's something simple!

Billy Ray

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