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Ross Salinger

Thanks. I’ve downloaded and archived it for the time being. My question remains how to work out what the latest widely used release of SiTech is without asking on the forum.

If you guys haven’t thought of it, the forum has a files section. It should be “easy” to just upload whatever is best for us to use there from time to time.

I was looking for something like that when I started this thread.



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Ross, simply do not connect to the controller (or cable up but have the controller powered off) and run Sitechexe.exe. If you are using scope axis encoders, put them in ignore mode.  The system will show”faking servos” in the msg box. 



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Hi Ross,

This is not on the website, but there's a lot of folks using it, nothing glaring bad yet....



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I'd like to know where the latest release of all SiTech software is being kept these days. I have tried searching the files section in this group and on the website but all of the versions I've seen are much older than what I have on my PC at this point.


I'd also like to be able to run in some kind of simulation mode but I can't remember how to do that. If someone could point out how to do that I would appreciate it.





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