Re: Unable to Talk to ServoII

Ross Salinger

I have two of these 7 port/USB 3 versions for several years now and they have worked down to 0C with no problems.

I have just added this exact USB2 version and it worked fine down to about 5C which is cold as it’s been lately.



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To echo Steve, it's the startech 7 port I have.

Gordon Wright



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Hello Rick


If it a USB hub you are looking for......

I have 3 of them and they have worked flawlessly over the years.. I do not see the very cold temps in S. Florida but have seen many nights where these hubs had dew dripping off of them,


Steve B


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Thanks Ross.  I tried a heating pad on the USB hub to see if warming it up would help but no luck.  Just now I tried connecting with my laptop and a short known reasonably good (though not premium quality - don't have any of those) and I notice that the LED next to the USB jack on the ServoII does light up which it didn't last night using my standard hookup.  However, I still couldn't connect and when trying to debug that I notice that I can no longer view Ports in my device manager.  Sigh, bloody Windows.  I'll have to debug that before I can get back to ServoII.

So can people recommend sources (ideally but not necessarily Canadian) for high quality USB hubs and cables?  I searched around for an hour or so last night and the only hubs I could find were of order several hundreds of dollars and nobody had any cables that recommended themselves.  And I know none of the computer or electronics stores I frequent have anything.


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