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Ross Salinger

The first thing to do in these situations is always to get short high quality 28/24 gold contact USB cable and see if the computer connects. If it does then there’s a cabling problem. SiTech should show up as a comm port on the computer, BTB. You can’t rule out the hub as the culprit without eliminating it. I’ve found that in cold weather USB just doesn’t work as well as it does when things are warm. I’ve made it a practice to just use hubs that are rated down to 0C – the regular office quality hubs don’t seem as good. As recently as this past month I had USB problems because I violated this rule. After getting a new industrial hub problem was completely gone.




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Hi guys:
I am just out trying to get in my first night of observing (and first clear night) in several weeks and I can't connect to my ServoII as I have in the past.  I'm trying to connect through a D-Link USB2 hub (must use the hub as my computer has only 1 USB port).  Other items plugged into the hub are all working.  I've tried two different cables.  I've powered the ServoII and the computer up and down several times.  I've tried different ports on the hub.  The red LED next to the USB port on the controller is dark where I think it used to lit when I was connected.  I can't find anything in Windows 10 device manager that looks like a SiTech controller (I'm not sure where it should be showing up but I can't see it anywhere) so I don't think Windows can see the controller either.  I can slew the mount using the handpaddle but I can't get the mount to start tracking just using the handpaddle so I'm completely dead in the water.

The last time I was using it I lost comms with the controller briefly during the night.  When things resumed it seem to work fine but apparently the mount was totally confused as to where it was pointing, which hemisphere it was working in because when I tried to park it tried to do a meridian flip through the South pole and I had to park it manually.  So I'm worrying that something internal has gone wrong.

Can anybody give me some hints?


Rick Wagner

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