Re: Problem connection to controller.

Ross Salinger

I’m thinking that the same exact hardware and computer is being used to connect to the SiTech controller and to servo config. My recent experience with Win10 taught me to try running things, not just in an admin account, but specifically via the “right click->run as admin” method.

That does the trick sometimes and it takes no time at all to try out.



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Hi Josh,

Here are a couple more ideas to check:

Make sure the USB to Serial driver is up to date, and made for your version of Windows.

If you have another PC or laptop, try it.

Multiple USB ports are not always equal, so moving to another port might work.  Are you using a USB hub, that could also be a problem.  Also moving to another USB port will make the adapter use a different Com Port (which might clear up the problem).  Uninstalling your Com6 might also clear the problem by resetting it's settings.

SiTech communicates on COM with 19200 baud.  Normally com ports default to 9600 baud and SiTech tells the PC to reset to 19200.  So try setting your port to 19200 baud in device manager.

Don W

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I have tried two different serial converts, one USB with the FTDI chip, the other a express card slot to serial adapter. I get the same result on both, will connect via ServoConfig, not with SiTech. Tomorrow afternoon might be a challenge, my wife works and I will be taking care of our 7 month old son. But maybe another time?


Thanks, Josh


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Josh, I think Dave's suggestion is a good one. If that doesn't work,
maybe I can help you tomorrow afternoon? Phone, Skype or TeamViewer.

> I have had the situation where sitechexe could communicate with my
> controller but not ServoConfig. I have found that ServoConfig more
> picky, but not the other way around.
> In my 30 years of mucking with serial ports, the reality is that despite
> windows drivers for USB->Serial converters, some work better than others
> and some are more compatible than others. In my ECU planetarium software
> I had to incorporate two difference serial communication methods to work
> with the majority of usb converters.
> So, I'd suggest you try a different usb->serial converter that uses a
> different chip set. The FTDI chip seems to work well.
> --- Dave
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> wrote:
>> OK everyone, I was able to spend some time with thing again this
>> morning. The first thing I checked was all the connections on the
>> cable that I made with an ohm meter, all of the connections were good
>> with no connections between wires that shouldn't be there, and
>> everything was wired correctly. So I tried connecting again with
>> SiTech.exe, no connection. So I tried with ServoConfig, and it
>> connects to the controller just fine. So what would cause me to be
>> able to connect with ServoConfig but not with SiTech.exe?? I'm using
>> the same Com Port (Com6) in both programs, and they are both not
>> running. Any ideas?
>> Thanks, Josh
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>> Josh,
>> The cable to the PC only needs pins 2,3, and 5 and the +5V is not
>> used.
>> Don D
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>> > Just got a used SiTech controller from another member, and so
>> far I have been unable to connect to
>> > it from a PC via the serial port. This controller is the newer
>> version of the ServoI, and the
>> > other two controllers in the observatory are the older version
>> of the ServoI, so I can't just swap
>> > cables to test. I made a new cable using the lower diagram on
>> page 47 of the manual.
>> >
>> >
>> > Question, on the nine pin adapter that connects to the PC, where
>> pins 1,6,4, are shown connecting
>> > together, and also 7 and 8 are shown connection together. Are
>> these connections needed for the PC
>> > to connect to the controller? On the adapter that I use for my
>> older controller, these connections
>> > are not made, only the 3 wires that actually go to the
>> controller are used, the rest are taped up.
>> >
>> >
>> > Also, on the controller side, the +5v connection doesn't show it
>> connecting to anything. Is this
>> > correct?
>> >
>> >
>> > So far I have tried 2 different PCs, one using a USB to serial
>> adapter that I know works with my
>> > older SiTech controller, I tried it at the exact same time and
>> it would not connect to the new
>> > controller but would with the older controller. I also tried
>> from my observatory PC that has a
>> > true serial port, and connects to my old style controller just
>> fine every time I image and could
>> > not connect to the newer controller. I also tried reversing the
>> 4 wires that connect to the
>> > controller on its end in case I was reading the diagram the
>> wrong way. But everything I tried did
>> > not work.
>> >
>> >
>> > I didn't think to try connecting with ServoConfig, I didn't
>> think of that at time time.
>> >
>> >
>> > Any suggestions or idea what I might be doing wrong?
>> >
>> >
>> > Thanks, Josh
>> >


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