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Ross Salinger

I use that particular scope and the first time I did and I saw it start moving I hit the abort button. I was convinced that I had done something terribly wrong. Once reassured that it actually was supposed to do that I can testify that it nails objects every single time.

I have no idea (seems like magic) how something that big can move that fast and stop accurately to within a few ticks.



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Sweet!   I am not sure I have ever heard Dan state what he thought was the max tics per rev for a ServoII. 


It's obviously screaming fast!



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Hi Chuck,

The 25 inch at TAI is using absolute encoders with 2^26 = 67,108,864 bits and slews at 5° per sec.  The Servo II handles it well.

Don W

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Wow, at 64,800,00 tic’s per rev, I would be afraid to cough near the mount!


What slew speed are you able to achieve?  The ScopeII controller reads the encoders very fast, but 64.8M is a lot of bits to swallow at a time!!




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Hi Don,

The sensitive encoder is a renishaw 413mm diam. with a scale pitch of 20 microns.
64,800 lines X 1000 interpolation = 64,800,000 non-absolute. accuracy +/- .53 arc seconds
Tonic dual read heads

The other is a 255mm encoder @ 40,000,000 , but don't seem to be that sensitive.


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