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That is sad news about Per.  Because of that do you know if Stickstation will continue to be made and sold?  I'm not sure how critical it is to SiTech accuracy, but it is an interesting device that gives accurate local conditions.

Yes, your original query resulted in a lot of behind the scenes discussion as well as in this forum.  It brought out  (to me) what settings need to be set in SiTech and in PXPAX.  For instance, I have been using SiTech for over 8 years now, using the default setting for atmospheric pressure (sea level) at my observatory at 6000 ft elevation.  So my PXP models have not been as accurate as they could be.  So set the appropriate pressure in SiTech Change Config/Misc.

Don W

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I'm glad to see that something useful came out from the discussion I've started. Thank you the time and effort you all put into this.

Unfortunately, my friend Per, the developer of Stickstation, has passed away. A very sad and shocking news indeed. He was a very nice person and he will be missed sorely. May he rest in peace!

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