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Dave Lane <dlane@...>

I have this problem with my setup which is a real W7 pc, but with a usb serial port connected via a USB extender. It works if the usb serial port is connected directly to the pc, but not through the extender. Yet, the normal sitech program is fine either way.

My guess is the code that the servo config program uses for the serial interface is different from sitechexe. I've heard the statement many times over the years that "its just a serial port", but there are subtle differences between them and some drivers better than others.

I would suggest you borrow a pc laptop from someone - you should only need to configure the controller once.

--- Dave

On 06/07/2016 7:00 AM, steven42lee@... [SiTechservo] wrote:

I've just bought a new SiTech servo controller to attempt to convert an RCOS focus motor and have run into an unexpected problem - the controller won't talk to the ServoConfig program.  It will talk happily to  the Focus control program, and the Rotator control program - but NOT ServoConfig (nor SiTech.exe), which is rather necessary.

My configuration where I'm doing this is a bit peculiar and may be the cause of the problem, but I can't understand why it won't work.  I am using a Macbook Pro which is running Windows 7 via VMWare.  I've used this combination for many years and never had any problems - Maxim talking to CCDs, TheSkyX talking to a Paramount, etc.  All work fine.  I use a USB to serial adaptor for the com port.  I can happily run the latest Focuser II program from the Sidereal Technology web page and it talks to the controller and drives the motor.  That part is fine.  But ServoConfig refuses to connect.  I can run ServoConfig on my little netbook running XP and that works fine - but I want to install this on a W7 machine and want to know if there are issues with doing this.  I can't understand why - it's just a serial port - but the Communicator program which is run when the focuser routine is run gives warnings about blocked threads (although it clearly works and talks to the controller).  What is different between the focus/rotator interface and ServoConfig?

At the moment, I can't get to a pure W7 computer for more testing, but there should be no difference between that and what I'm currently using.  Any advice greatly appreciated.

Secondly - and possibly for Dan - the focuser routine says that a temperature compensated option is being worked on.  How will you get temperature information to the controller?  The RCOS has a number of thermistors on it and it would be great if they could be read.  Are there any plans for an interface to allow tempera tures to be read so that focus compensation can be implemented?

Lastly, are they many users of SiTech focusers?  Looking thorough the topics on this list I can find precisely 1 mention of a focuser.  Has anybody converted an RCOS focuser (it uses a Pittman servo motor) to SiTech?  Any advice?  Thanks.

- Steve

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