Re: Refraction data and Stickstation

Sedat Bilgebay


Thank you Dan. There is no hurry at all :) 

While you are reading this, do you have any plans to include SGP to the camera control software listed under the Misc. Tab ? It has an API to allow 3rd party apps to interface with it. I have no idea whether this is a lot of work or not... just asking :)


Thank you Don. I learned a lot from your answer and the Wiki quote. However, reading the following in the Help file, I jumped and asked the question :) 

"Temperature and Pressure:

Temperature and Pressure should be set so the refraction calculation is more accurate.  I usually forget about it, but probably shouldn't, especially for high altitudes.  For instance, the Barometric Pressure on Haleakala right now is 707 milibars (about 3000 meters in elevation), and in Paia, at the base of the mountain, it's 1012 milibars.

This is probably more important for those who want to image unguided.

Clear skies


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