Update -> Re: Fieldwork in Gettysburg posting

R. Joe Brandon <rjoe_brandon@...>

I looked into B Parks comments that the most Gettysburg posting had some
inaccurate information regarding contact numbers. The companies web site
( provided me with this contact information:

Contacting GAI Consultants Inc.

Surface Mail
GAI Consultants Inc.
570 Beatty Road
Monroeville, PA 15146

Phone and FAX
Phone (412) 856-6400
FAX (412) 856-4970

Email Addresses


There are a number of CRM jobs listed on their projects page at and the company appears to have
several offices so I would suggest calling the number above and finding out
which local office is coordinating this or any other project.

If there are any further problems with this contact please write to me off
list at:


While I will usually send out some comment about not posting to the list I
do appreciate the heads up on this one :)

R. Joe Brandon

R. Joe Brandon