TerraXplorations seeking Principal Investigator Permanent Full-Time position

Kristi Jackson

Principal Investigator responsibilities include, but are not limited to, directing archaeological crews during Phase I, Phase II, or Phase III investigations. Directing one or more projects at the same time. Responsible for ensuring the field work, laboratory analysis, and reporting and meeting all project deadlines. Guaranteeing the quality of all the field investigations. Also marketing and maintaining client relationships.

Major responsibilities of the job include:

  • planning surveys and excavations
  • conducting fieldwork and directly overseeing the crews efforts
  • examining, documenting and preserving artifacts for transportation to the lab
  • managing Field Directors
  • producing, compiling and maintaining written, photographic and drawn records and electronic databases
  • supervising and guiding staff
  • collecting and interpreting data
  • writing research designs, technical reports, site forms, and similar¬†project records
  • marketing
  • dating and interpreting finds, when possible
  • mathematical, statistical and computational modelling
  • keeping in constant communication with project manager and client, when requested

Qualified applicants will possess: a Master's degree in Archaeology, Anthropology, or a closely related field is preferred; previous experience on transportation projects; at least three years professional experience in Cultural Resource Management and the ability to perform strenuous work in summer conditions.

Ideal applicants will have experience in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and/or Tennessee.