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R. Joe Brandon <rjoe@...>


I want to remind you all that shovelbums was not advertised as a discussion
list. This list is simply for job announcements, rumors of where jobs are,
queries of where jobs might be. To be fair to the majority of the
subscribers please do NOT post generic questions to this list. Multiple
case offenders will be removed at my discretion for the greater good of
the list. Also remember this list is designed for professional
practicing (or student) archaeologists looking for gainful employment, not
amateurs or pot hunters. I would also like to discourage anyone from
posting "I am qualified for X" postings, these postings which would be more suitable for shovelbums_gossip, not this list.
When is up finally I am hoping to have a section for people to
do self promotion but this list is not the medium. I do understand folks
desire to do those promotions though and do encourage you to set up a
dialouge on shovelbums_gossip for such discussions.

Sorry if this is a bit harsh, but as the list is new now is the
time to set the rules that will guide it. I do not want to begin loosing
subscribers becayse this list is not what it was advertised to be.
This list has a very narrow focus for a good reason. If there
are any comments on this policy please drop me a note off list at

Thanks for your time.

R. Joe Brandon
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