Seeking Archaeology Research Associate at Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Sage Bates

The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), is recruiting an archaeology research associate (RA) for the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex.  Some overnight travel for fieldwork, research, conferences, and training can be expected. The RA will implement and continue a cultural resources program and will coordinate the cultural resources programs addressing similar issues occurring on neighboring federal lands. The cultural resources program will assure all projects on the complex are conducted in compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), the Archaeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA), and other Federal and state cultural resources legislation.
The successful candidate will work under the supervision of the Refuge Managers, with technical supervision supplied by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Archaeologist (RHPO) in Portland, Oregon. All work will follow guidelines in the Federal Legislation, Regulations, Regional policy, and instructions. Consultation with the Refuge manager or technical supervisor will be necessary when the guidelines must be adapted to specific needs and situations. 
- Conduct research at libraries, agencies, and other institutions for documentation of archaeological, historical, and ethnographic information. 
- In conjunction with RHPO will prepare scopes of works for contracts to conduct cultural resources work on the DNWR complex.
- Conduct archaeological surveys, site identification, and site evaluation using standard archaeological techniques for compliance with Section 106 of the NHPA.
- Research, prepare, and complete archaeological documents (letters; agreement documents; site, project, and evaluation reports) for compliance with the NHPA and academic oriented research using forms and formats acceptable by State Historic Preservation Offices; and manuscripts suitable for professional technical publications. 
- Make determinations of effect and provide data, rationale, policy and legal compliance for such determinations. Provide alternatives on cultural resources management for decision-makers. 
- Negotiate methods and procedures to adequately address historic preservation legislation and regulations and other cultural resource concerns.  
- Update and maintain computer records.
- Prepare collected materials for curation.  
- Collaborate with project proponents, partners, and FWS staff, volunteers, Tribes, and other archaeologists. Serve as liaison between the FWS and Tribes. Set up and conduct consultation with Tribes on all cultural resource issues.
- Prepare and conduct educational and outreach activities, presentations, and events that provide information on cultural resources of the Refuge.  
- Other duties as assigned. 

- Rate of pay: $22.00-28.00/hour, depending on experience and degree
- Health Insurance
- Paid personal leave and holidays

To learn more and apply please follow the link below: