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I've seen job postings up for a couple of companies:

Leonard G. Bianchi or Jean Howson
Principal Archaeologists
The RBA Group, Inc.
1 Evergreen Place
P.O. Box 1927
Morristown, NJ 07962
phone (201) 898-0300 [note: looks like this phone has the old area code;
maybe the whole number is out of date but try (973)]
fax (973) 898-9472
lbianchi@rbagroup.comGroup, and


Cultural Resource Consulting Group
54 Woodbridge Ave.
Highland Park, NJ 08904
fax 732-985-5989

I heard CRCG mentioned as a good firm; don't know anything else about either
of them, but they're both New Jersey; maybe try giving them a call.


Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 18:47:45 -0500
From: Ashley Watson <ashley@mobis.com>
Subject: A recent anthropology graduate and looking for jobs

Hi my fellow shovel bums!
I recently graduated with B.A. in anthropology from
University of South Alabama on May 9th, and I am searching for jobs. I
want to know if there are any job openings or leads in the northeastern
section of United States, specifically in New Jersey. It may sound like
that I am looking at that area only but I will look at jobs in other
sections of this country also.. Thanks for any help and feedback.

Ashley Watson

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