New South Associate seeking Field Director - permanent position

Natalie Adams Pope

New South Associates, Inc. is seeking to fill a Field Director position. The position is intended for a qualified individual with experience in the Southern United States. The individual must be capable of directing all levels of fieldwork (Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III), must work well with others, and must be able to write technical reports. The selected individual should be able to work on assignments at various locations in the South and Mid-Atlantic. Frequent travel is an expectation for this position. Qualifications must include, at a minimum, a Masters degree in anthropology or closely related field, with the experience to demonstrate abilities listed above.  Highly desirable qualities would include leadership skills, ability to work well in a team setting, good communication skills, good client skills, good writing skills, creative problem solving skills, and ability to track schedules and budgets, as well as meet deadlines. Knowledge and capabilities with CRM technology is also desirable. Project assignments will involve directing field projects, coordinating laboratory analyses, and preparing project reports. Compensation will be commensurate with experience, particularly in a Cultural Resource Management setting.


New South Associates, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Please send a resume, list of at least three references, and a writing sample to resumes@... (resumes at