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Brian Ludwig

Solano Archaeological Services (SAS), based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and a new Sierra Nevada office, has been providing the full range of cultural resources management services to a broad array of private and agency clients in the western U.S. for over 15 years.  We are presently looking for local archaeological monitors to staff projects in the Bay Area and in the Central Valley in Stockton, California for a period of up to eight or more months at a pay rate of between $22.00 and $27.00 per hour based on experience for 40+ hours per week.  

The monitor’s primary responsibilities will include the following:

• Monitor ongoing construction activities in culturally sensitive areas known to contain both prehistoric and 19th century historic materials and features
• Document previously unrecorded sites, features, and artifacts using Trimble GPS technology, field forms, and digital photography
• Collaborate and coordinate with construction contractors and work directly with heavy equipment operators
• Collaborate with representatives of the Native American community
• Conduct in-field significance assessments
• Provide timely, clear, and effective communication to senior SAS staff

These are local projects and while no per-diem is available, mileage to and from the work sites is of course reimbursable at the going Federal rate. The work will typically not be physically demanding although the monitor must be comfortable working 8+ hours a day in the summer sun and heat.  The monitor will also be working in immediate proximity to heavy construction and grading equipment.  

The monitor’s qualifications and experience must include:

• A bachelor’s degree in anthropology or a closely related field
• At least 2-3 years of field experience with prehistoric and historic-era archaeological sites/artifacts
• The ability to accurately record resources in the field
• Excellent writing and communication skills
• Experience in successfully working with Native American tribal representatives and field monitors
• Experience working in close proximity to heavy construction equipment
• Valid driver’s license and their own vehicle for transportation to and from the construction site


If you’re interested in some potentially long-term work in California, please send your resume and contact information to: admin@... and/or contact Dr. Brian Ludwig via email at brian@... or by phone at 530-417-7007

Brian Ludwig, Ph.D.
Solano Archaeological Services 

Brian Ludwig, Ph.D.
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Brian Ludwig, Ph.D.
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