Knight & Leavitt Associates, Inc. - opening for 3 full time Archaeological Technicians could work into permanent position - Las Vegas, Nevada


Knight & Leavitt Associates, Inc. is looking for 3 full time Archaeological Technicians that could work into permanent position in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Must have the following qualifications… 

Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology, Anthropology, or related field in addition to an accredited field school or an Associate’s Degree in Archaeology, Anthropology, or related field with at least two years Cultural Resource Management field experience.   

Must be physically fit and able to perform physically demanding tasks in adverse environmental conditions (e.g. extreme heat, extreme cold, windy, storms, etc.).  Must be able to carry up to 40 pounds and walk up to 12 miles a day on uneven, and sometime steep terrain.   

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Strong work ethic
  • Willingness to learn and perform new tasks
  • Experience with handheld GPS units, including Trimble-type hand held devices. 
  • Ability to understand and adhere to established requirements for data recovery, survey, collection, and monitoring
  • Ability to collect and maintain field notes, records, and data in an organized fashion that can be understood by others
  • Ability to work productively and cooperatively as part of a team to accomplish mutual goals and communicate effectively with a diverse audience
  • Ability to research adequately for the needs of specific projects
  • Ability to assist with writing technical reports and summarizing research
  • Must be able to draw sites and features, to scale, in plan and profile as necessary
  • Must be able to perform cultural resource survey, establish a grid, collect artifacts appropriately, and document fieldwork completely
  • Must be able to read a topographical map and use a compass
  • Must be capable of completing site forms
  • Other duties as needed and assigned 

Please send your resume to rholly@... or fax to 702-897-8223.



Richard Holly

Office/Human Resource Manager

4105 Wagon Trail Avenue

Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

Phone: 702-897-2628

Fax: 702-897-8223

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