Join ShovelBums and stay informed: Please forward to your professor, your old academic advisor, department chair, office staff, etc.

R. Joe Brandon

Hey all,

It is that time of the year when many Universities and Colleges are winding down for the term. I am asking you to please forward/print/post/etc... this message to those noted in the subject line (and anyone else relevant) and ask them to announce this message below in their classes/post it in relevant places, etc... I believe it is fundamentally important that students (and faculty) join ShovelBums to keep abreast of what is going in Archaeology and CRM so that they can better focus their studies on developing the skills that are in demand that will allow them to continue focusing on their niche research. It also helps to give them a barometer to measure if they will be able to make it in a career in Archaeology and CRM. Plus, because it is not a discussion list, the volume of messages is very low. 

So please take just a few seconds and forward this message below onto the appropriate people in your professional network of contacts. This is part of the philosophy of how ShovelBums has always worked: If someone on this list is not a good fit for your job posting, it is likely they know a peer who is. The same holds true for this. I cannot reach all the people who can benefit from ShovelBums, but you know someone who can pass that information on. 

I appreciate your help in spreading the word about ShovelBums. For more than two decades ShovelBums has only ever grown by word of mouth among your peers because it is a useful tool for all of us. We are all in this together.


R. Joe

Why should I join ShovelBums?

ShovelBums is a low volume, non-discussion list, that is only utilized for posting Archaeology, CRM, Research Projects, Academia, Museums, etc..related positions around the world (and occasionally a commentary about something from me).

If you are a professional in Archaeology or CRM, an educator with students planning for a career in Archaeology or CRM, or you run a CRM or Heritage Management firm then ShovelBums is the easiest and fastest way to keep a pulse on what is happening where in CRM.  

For students of Archaeology and CRM, no matter if your goal is to become a tenured professor, it is VERY likely (and highly recommended) that at some point you will work in CRM to support yourself. For undergraduates ShovelBums helps to educate about what skills are in demand, where they are being used, and how much you can make. For graduate students ShovelBums is instrumental for getting your foot in the door at an established company. 

For professionals who are working fully in academia it is worth keeping an eye on what the likely career path your students will end up in is doing. It helps to keep you rooted in the reality that few students will be able to become professors. But if those students want to utilize the excellent education you have given them the opportunity to explore, they need you to know what is going on in the world of CRM to help guide them.

How to Join ShovelBums

There are two really easy ways of joining the ShovelBums mailing list.

1: Just send a blank email to, respond to it, and there you go.  But....

2:  ...If you want to be able to log in to the jobs boards (that way you can see full email addresses, manage your mailing frequency, etc...) you will need to set up an account on to manager your account. It is quite simple also, all you need to do to set that up is go to This Page.

R. Joe