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apologies for cross posting, this came from ACRA-L, while not a strait up
field job this might be suited for those of you who recently received advanced degrees and need to offset debt.

R. Joe

Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 13:52:20 -0500
From: John Cullinane <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Position Available

There is an immediate, full time position available for an
Archeologist/Anthropologist, with expertise in Native American issues,
to work directly with the Department of the Navy's Cultural Resource
Office and Federal Preservation Officer in Washington, DC.

The position would be under contract to John Cullinane Associates, an
architectural and preservation planning firm located in Annapolis, MD.
The office for the successfull applicant would be at the Navy's new
Cultural Resource Offices in the Washington Navy Yard.

The position is to provide senior technical expertise in archeology and
Native American cultural resource protection, and to assist the
Department of the Navy (DON) Federal Preservation Officer (FPO) in
support of legally mandated DON cultural resources compliance

Qualifications for this position may be met by demonstrating:

1. earned graduate academic degree in Archeology, Anthropology, or a
related discipline;
2. work experience that demonstrates successful working familiarity with
DOD programs related to cultural resources management planning and
Native American issues;
3. established working relationships with cultural resources personnel
within state, federal, and private sector preservation organizations;
4. working familiarity with the World Wide Web, Windows 95 and 97, Word,
Access, Excel, and Power Point.

The position would be full time, temporary, commencing on or before June
15, 1999, and under contract until September 30, 1999, with the
possibility of extending the contract through fiscal year 2000. The
pay rate for this position would be $40.00 per hour. There are no benefits
associated with this contract.

For further information, contact John Cullinane Associates, 222 Severn
Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403; 410.295.0400.

Resumes and references can be faxed to 410.295.0402, or emailed to


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