Iowa Work

R. Joe Brandon <rjoe_brandon@...>

Two announcements:

1 - This came in a few days ago from Lauri Chappell ( at
Berger. I was on the road hence the delay for getting this out.

Berger currently has crew positions open immediately in Iowa.
Applicants must have a BA degree in Anthro or a related field and a
field school to qualify. We offer benefits to our crew members!!
Please pass the word along that we have positions available for
extended periods. I can be reached at 319/373-3045. Interested
crew members should fax their resume to me at 319/373-7566.

2 - Shovelbums now has over 300 subscribers, with a fair number of these
from overseas, primarily Europe and Australia. However these users have
commented that the only job postings being broadcast on here are for US
work. I would like to request that any subscribers who are aware of CRM
type firms in other countries send a note to me at:

and let me know how to contact these firms so that they can use this medium
to advertise jobs. Or if you are related to one of these firms if you
could spread the word and help expand the international job postings on


R. Joe Brandon