HRA projects in Washington State need people!

Sean Hess <schess@...>

Historical Research Associates, Inc. (HRA) is seeking qualified field crew for
upcoming field projects throughout Washington State including surveys and test
excavations along the Lewis River in the southwestern part of the state, test
excavations at Ft. Lewis near Tacoma, and surveys and test excavations on the
Yakima Training Center near Ellensburg, Washington.

The surveys and test excavations along the Lewis River are slated to begin
October 4th, and HRA needs to hire six (6) archaeologists. The project
involves survey and testing of archaeological sites in and around reservoirs on
the Lewis River, and the project should last from Oct. 4th to Oct. 24th. The
other projects are to begin later this fall, with the excavations at the Yakima
Training Center coming sometime in the spring.

Please contact Dr. Sean Hess at HRA regarding your availability for these
projects at <shess@...>. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. Dr. Hess can
also be reached at the numbers listed below.


Sean Hess, Ph.D., RPA
Project Archaeologist
Historical Research Associates (HRA)
*Seattle Office*
119 Pine Street, Suite 207
Seattle, WA 98101
ph. (206) 343-0226
fax (206) 343-0249
*Portland Contact Point*
10910 N.E. Knott Street
Portland, OR 97220
ph. (503) 261-0149
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