HDR - Temporary Field Crew, Phoenix, Arizona

Mark Brodbeck


South Central Extension Light Rail Project

Monitoring and Data Recovery

Phoenix, Arizona

June 28, 2021


Hiring Field Crew


HDR, working jointly with AECOM, is hiring archaeologists to work on our South Central Light Rail Extension Project, in Phoenix, Arizona. The work involves monitoring and data recovery excavation in Pueblo Viejo, a prehistoric Hohokam platform-mound village site. The work is on-going and is anticipated to run through August, and perhaps longer.


We are looking for archaeologists with excavation experience. The pay is $20/hour for crew. The crew is working five 10-hour days per week, with day and night shifts. Work over 40 hours per week is overtime pay. Reimbursement for lodging and meal expenses is available for people coming from outside the Phoenix metropolitan area. Reimbursement is based on receipts for actual expenditures (not a flat rate).

If interested, please email your resume to either Mark Brodbeck at HDR at mark.brodbeck@... or Gene Rogge with AECOM at gene.rogge@...


Thank you.



Mark Brodbeck, MA RPA

Cultural Resources Group Manager

Phoenix, Arizona