Fieldwork in Gettysburg posting


They were in the first wave of Pickett's Charge!


B Park <bonnborrego@...>

Hey, group -
I tried to reply to the following and got no answers. Sent an email and
called the 800 number - left two messages. Called again and spoke to a woman
in the wrong department when the operator could not find anyone in the right
department. The woman I spoke with was very nice and helpful. But still
received no reply from the "right" department people.
What's the deal? Did anyone else respond to this? What result?
Thanks + let's hope for better opportunities. The list is great.

====Original Message =====
1. field work in gettysburg

looking for technicians to start 7/26/99 for
2 week duration in gettysburg national battlefield
email or call 800/292-6076 ext1423