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Historic Archaeologist/Principal Investigator

HAR is currently seeking an individual to act as a Senior Historic
Archaeologist/Principal Investigator on various projects in the Midwestern
United States. The current position involves part-time employment on a
project by project basis and may evolve into a full-time position with
benefits. The minimum required professional qualifications are as follows:

1. Graduate degree in Archaeology, Anthropology or closely related field.

2. A minimum of one year supervised field and analytical experience in
general North American archaeology.

3. A minimum of one year full-time professional experience or equivalent
specialized training in archaeological research, administration or

4. A minimum of one year full-time professional experience at a supervisory
level in the study of archaeological resources of the historic period.

5. Demonstrated ability to carry out research to completion.

Qualified applicants may submit a resume by September 20, 1999 in confidence

Historic Archaeological Research
3223 Vincz Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46228
(317) 290-0168

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