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There are several contract companies in the Mid-Atlantic area that you can
check out. I don't know any specifics about who may be hiring right now,
though. In NJ, URS Greiner is a large engineering firm that hires
archaeologists. They have a great reputation, both among people who work
there and their clients. MAAR is located in Newark, Delaware, but I don't
know much about them. People who have worked for them have seemed happy.
CHRS (Cultural Heritage Research Services) is located north of Philly, about
10 minutes off the PA Turnpike. They hire field techs full time,
permanently, and give benefits after a few months (rare!). There are many
more companies in the area--lots in the Wash. DC metro area that you could
check out, also. Again, the best idea is to call the State Historic
Preservation Office and ask them to send you their list of companies. Good

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Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 18:47:45 -0500
From: Ashley Watson <ashley@mobis.com>
Subject: A recent anthropology graduate and looking for jobs

Hi my fellow shovel bums!
I recently graduated with B.A. in anthropology from
University of South Alabama on May 9th, and I am searching for jobs. I
want to know if there are any job openings or leads in the northeastern
section of United States, specifically in New Jersey. It may sound like
that I am looking at that area only but I will look at jobs in other
sections of this country also.. Thanks for any help and feedback.

Ashley Watson >>