Crew needed

sgaber <sgaber@...>

I know this list is for paying jobs, but how can I notify
students, interested volunteers or people who want some
field experience on a non-paying project?

I am an archaeologist, now working for the Pinellas County
(Florida) Park Department. I am doing a Phase I (and
possibly more) in a proposed park which contains 3 and
possibly 4 known sites.

It's a beautiful spot, right on the Gulf of Mexico, 2 miles
south of Tarpon Springs and less than a mile north of the
famous Crystal Beach site.

I have plotted out approximately 400 Shovel Test Pits at
20-meter intervals. So far, another naturalist and I have
dug 68 of these, working two days per week around our other
duties. Obviously, we need help if we want to finish the
job before the year 2010.

Unfortunately, the county has allotted no funds for this
project and no wages can be paid. I'm lucky I got them to
allow me to do it at all.

So if you know of anybody who lives near Tampa/St.
Petersburg/Clearwater and wants some field experience, have
them contact me:

They can call me at 727-786-5369 at home or

727-527-3814 at the office of Sawgrass Lake Park.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Steven Gaber, Park Naturalist
Sawgrass Lake Park
St. Petersburg, FL