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If you are an administator associated with archaeologists (students or professional)
looking for field work, please post or e-mail this message to interested
parties (dept. anthropology student lists, personal archaeology friends
network, etc.)

This list is for anyone who understands what it means to be a modern
field archaeologist, and for those looking to find out. We are known as
"shovelbums" by friends and family. We move from state to state
(literally and figuratively) following the cash cow pipelines or saving
up to go and work on those great digs, you know the ones with great
archaeology, lots of satisfaction, but little pay.

I learned when starting in the 80's that finding jobs has traditionally
been via your personal networks of friends in the field using
telephone, letters, and as of late web resources. The Shovelbums list
serves to streamline and compliment that whole process, taking advantage of
the nearly ubiquitous access we all have to e-mail. Now when someone knows
of a project, anywhere, with the word out for hires, this is the place to
announce or find it, and it comes right to your mailbox.

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While this list is just for job postings I also maintain two other
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Thanks for your time, and please pass this message onto other archaeologists.

R. Joe Brandon