Arch Tech Opening

John Doershuk <John-Doershuk@...>

Immediate Opening--on-going Phase III project.

The Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist has one opening on an on-going
Phase III data recovery excavation at two Archaic period sites in Hardin
County, Iowa beginning ASAP and running through approximately Thanksgiving.
We have an opening because one of our technicians landed a computer
programming job with an insurance company (can you imagine!?).

If you have the appropriate skills, are available immediately, and
interested please contact me ASAP for details.


John F. Doershuk, Ph.D., RPA
Director, General Contracts Program
Office of the State Archaeologist
700 Clinton St., Iowa City, IA 52242-1030

Adjunct Assistant Professor--Anthropology
Adjunct Assistant Professor--American Indian and Native Studies Program

Ph. 319-384-0724
Fax 319-384-0768

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