An observation on the economy based on ShovelBums postings

R. Joe Brandon

Hey all,
I hope you are all doing well and weathering these unprecedented events as best as you are able. If nothing else archaeologists have been experts as social distancing since, well Heinrich Schliemann, lol. 
I am well aware of how these events have negatively effected our industry and our peers. I do believe, based on traffic on ShovelBums that things are looking up, at least for the short term. ShovelBums postings for May 2020 matched 2018’s numbest and beat 2016 and 2017 numbers, but fell a little shy of May’s 2019 numbers, you can view ShovelBums job posting history here (scroll down the page for the numbers): and a snippet I have attached here. January and February 2020 were two of the best months for those respective months since 2008 (which coincides with the advent of the last major recession as well as me finally starting to charge for posting on ShovelBums). Then March hit like a shit ton of bricks and saw postings drop to the level they were near the bottom of the last recession in 2010. April was fair to middling on a month that has always been pretty scattershot, weather depending.
So while this is a pretty gross level overview, the raw numbers of postings on ShovelBums seem to be a reasonable bellwether for the economy in general. June is lookin up already with 7 postings and only two days in. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed, our trowels sharp, and lab equipment clean ;-) 


R. Joe 

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