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Position Summary


Quality Services, Inc. is seeking an experienced cultural resource management specialist/ archeologist for the position of Principal Investigator (PI). Qualified candidates will have a background in planning and managing projects and teams. Required tasks include conducting surveys, recording cultural resources, testing, or excavating archeological sites and areas with potential for buried archeological resources, analyzing artifacts and materials, consulting with state and federal agencies and tribes, writing and reviewing reports, and customer service.


Quality Services, Inc. is a small business based in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota that deals with multiple types of clients and projects in all sizes. We work in over 30 states in support of a variety of industries, services, government agencies, and clients, completing over 700 projects per year. Full time employee benefits include health and dental insurance, retirement plan, bonuses, paid leave, and paid holidays. Rapid City is a growing, diverse community, with opportunities for young professionals, families, and retirees.


Applicants must be capable to walk up to 10 hours per day in rough terrain carrying up to 40 lbs. and be able to sit, stoop, bend, and climb, and to use hand tools, shovels, screens, and other field equipment. PIs must plan and execute field projects, including crew management for various sized projects. Fieldwork may be in variable weather conditions throughout the year. Overnight travel is required. This is a salaried position.


Minimum Requirements

• Master’s degree in archeology, anthropology, or a closely related field.

• Secretary of the Interior qualified as archeologist principal investigator

• Minimum of 3 years experience in similar work, at crew supervisor, project manager and/or PI level

o Please make sure your experience is shown in resume in detail

• Basic knowledge of soils and sediments

• Technical report first author examples;

• Report and documents editing and review experience

• Basic GIS knowledge and experience



• Strong technical writing and oral communication skills

• Self-motivated, positive, energetic, and the ability to work with and supervise teams

• Knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations


How to Apply Submit your vita, writing samples (site forms, reports, articles, maps, or other relevant documents) and references to ehouk@...


Thank You!


Elena Houk

Office: 605-388-5309

Cell: 605-430-1045


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Quality Services, Inc.

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