1 Senior Level Archaeologist - APPS/NAVFAC SW - Naval Base Coronado - San Diego, CA - $36-40/Hr - 1 Year Contract

Jenna Kumabe <jenna@...>

Archaeologist Contractor Support - ACS (Senior Level)
Naval Base Coronado, San Diego, CA
Full Time, 1 Year Contract, $36-40/Hr
Involves on-site field work, project management, documentation 
APPS Contractor working with NAVFAC SW personnel on NAVFAC SW projects 

  • Must have a degree in Anthropology, Archaeology, or other related field
  • Must be very experienced with federal projects - experience working on projects at military installations is highly desirable 
  • Must be familiar with the following federal policies/regulations, as well as their associated documentation:
    • National Historic Preservation Act; Section 106 (in-depth knowledge)
    • ARPA - Archaeological Resources Protection Act (general knowledge)
    • NAGPRA - Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (general knowledge)
  • Must possess working knowledge of archaeological and historic resources in the southwest region
  • Must be able to manage and/or prepare the following:
    • Archaeological and historic preservation studies 
    • Cultural resources mitigation measures / preservation plans 

If qualified and interested, please submit resume to:
Jenna Kumabe
Ethical Personnel Services, Inc. dba. A Professional Personnel Services (APPS) 


The ACS shall independently provide professional historic preservation and archaeological support.

Technical Review – The ACS shall review proposed Navy/USMC actions for potential impacts to cultural resources, and compliance with historic preservation statues, regulations and guidelines.  The ACS shall provide recommendations on cultural resources protection/avoidance requirements and assists in the development of plans to avoid, minimize and/or mitigate effects of proposed development projects.  The ACS shall review environmental documents, technical reports, and other documents for Navy/USMC actions within NAVFAC’s area of cognizance.  The ACS shall provide technical assistance Navy/USMC personnel responsible for preparing and reviewing historic preservation planning documents including Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plans, Archaeological Survey Reports, Data Recovery Plans and Curation Plans.  The ACS shall provide technical services for archaeological and historical resources surveys and inventories of historically significant properties.  The ACS shall provide assistance in identifying the need for, designing and conducting such surveys and inventories.  The ACS shall prepare and review forms for the nomination of historic properties for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.  The ACS shall review environmental planning documents, design and construction documents for compliance with historic preservation statutes.  The ACS shall provide recommendation to possible compliance measures that the Navy may elect to implement, such as mitigation of adverse effects.  The ACS shall provide assistance in designing and recommendations in compliance measures including surveys, negation or mitigation or adverse effect through archival documentation, archaeological data collection, and project modification.  The ACS shall provide daily reports to summarize efforts.  The ACS shall maintain various databases.

Coordination – The ACS shall work closely with Navy/USMC personnel, contractors, Federal and State agencies. 

Preparation of Documents – The ACS shall prepare cultural resources documentation including, but not limited to, survey reports, evaluation, and mitigation planning documents as requested by the Senior Archaeologist.  All submittals must be prepared by computer and compatible with current Navy/USMC software (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint, Arc Map, Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, etc.).  Submittals include but are not limited to project reviews and recommendations, Memorandum of Agreements/Cooperative Agreements, drafts of Section 106 of the National  Historic Preservation Act, correspondence, as well as PowerPoint briefings and presentations.  The ACS shall produce professional quality, properly edited, and technically accurate project documentation and correspondence at least 90% of the time.  The ACS shall ensure timely submission of reviews and recommendations in accordance with project schedules at least 95% of the time.  

Operations - The ACS job duties will include both field and office settings. The office work environment involves everyday risks or discomforts that require normal safety precautions typical of such places as conference rooms or office spaces.  Outdoor work may be required to include field inspections, archaeological monitoring and/or historic property surveys. Outdoor work may include field trips requiring physical exertion in the form of extensive walking over rough, uneven ground and rocky surfaces in remote or densely vegetated outdoor environments, as well as lifting of moderately heavy items.  The ACS shall have a good familiarity of NAVFAC SW Safety and Health Requirement manual, instructions, agency equipment regulations and directives.  Guidelines will include a variety of Federal, Department of Defense, and Department of Navy, Commander Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest publications, manuals, directives, standards, policies and procedures. Published guidance will be provided by the Government as needed. 

Meetings/Conferences – The ACS shall participate in meetings with contractors, agencies, clients, and team members when required to do so. 

Briefings – The ACS shall participate in briefings when required to do so.

Updates - The ACS shall provide monthly status report that summarizes the work efforts and accomplishments performed.