2 Archaeologists/Geologists with MA/MS or PhD for Coring, MN (multiple locations), Very Competitive Salary, and Flexible Rotations for Geoarcheology Research Associates, Inc.

Heidi Luchsinger

Geoarcheology Research Associates, Inc. Hiring MA/MS or PhD Geoarchaeologists, Archaeologists, or Geologists for GeoProbe Coring and Monitoring Throughout Minnesota: Some geoscience experience/courses in sedimentology, soil science, geomorphology, micromorphology, geology, or anything geoscience-related etc. is preferred. Flexibility, ability to handle intense fieldwork in cold conditions, and a professional attitude are all required. Fieldwork will reconstruct the Late Pleistocene-Holocene landscape history for the entire state of Minnesota using core-based testing and analysis.

Flexible rotations (c. 10 days) throughout 4 months (do not have to commit to entire 4 months) and a possible summer season. Work with multiple professional geoarchaeologists and receive a very competitive salary based on qualifications and experience. Will lead to future quality projects in geoarchaeology.

Please send short email of interest and resume/CV to: Heidi Luchsinger, PhD, RPA Geoarchaeologist – Archaeological Micromorphologist GeoarchMicromorph@... www.gra-geoarch.com