Archaeologists, On-Call [Southern California]

Andrew Hernandez

Paleo Solutions, Inc. (Paleo Solutions) is currently seeking On-Call Archaeologists who are based in or near the Los Angeles basin, Inland Empire, and/or Orange or Ventura counties for seasonal and/or project-specific work.

On-Call employees are scheduled for work hours as they become available. The schedule is usually released on Friday night, but communication will occur as soon as project information becomes available. On-Call employees are free to accept or refuse the hours assigned to them each week; however, we ask that they be prompt in their reply. Unlike regular employees, On-Call employees are free to moonlight outside of Paleo Solutions if their outside work does not create a conflict of interest for work performed for Paleo Solutions. There are no guaranteed minimum hours per week.

$20.00 - $25.00 per hour

Position Description & Responsibilities.
Primarily, the on-call archaeologist will conduct construction monitoring but may be required to perform archaeological surveys, site testing, data recovery, as well as other tasks, as necessary.
• Participation in field projects wherever they are located, which may require several weeks away from home at a time
• Implementation of resource impact mitigation measures including conducting field surveys, performing construction monitoring, artifact collection, excavation, and data recovery projects of all types and sizes
• Detailed and accurate field data collection (including the ability to collect using tablet computers and Trimble GPS units) with an emphasis on documentation of archaeological site data, environmental conditions, and construction activities
• Preparing, completing, and submitting daily progress reports in accordance with Paleo Solutions protocol
• Communicating with Paleo Solutions management in accordance with Paleo Solutions protocol
• Assist with drafting and finalizing site records and technical reports, when necessary
• Adherence to ethical business practices, professional standards, laws and regulations, and best practices.

Application Evaluation Criteria.
• Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology, Anthropology, or related field
• 1+ year of field experience in archaeological monitoring and survey
• Ability to identify prehistoric and historic-age artifacts and cultural features
• Good verbal and written communication skills, the ability to closely follow instructions, attention to detail, organizational skills, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
• The ability to work independently or as part of a team
• Ability to stand/walk for long periods of time and hike long distances (4-6 miles/day)
• Ability to perform field work in rough terrain, extreme temperatures, and other adverse weather conditions
• Possession of a valid driver’s license and a good driving record

How to Apply.
To apply, please email the following documents to info@...

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and automatically disqualified.

1. A cover letter that includes a narrative of your educational background and professional experience, a description of your paleontological expertise, and a description of your experience in the environmental consulting industry (if any). Address the cover letter to Geraldine Aron, MS, CEO.
2. A current Curriculum Vitae.
3. One original writing sample (subject to verification).
4. Contact information for three references.


Paleo Solutions is a rapidly growing environmental consulting firm providing cultural resources and paleontological consulting services throughout the western United States. Established in 2004, Paleo Solutions has grown to a 60-person consulting firm with offices in California, Oregon, and Colorado. We assist our private and public sector clients by meeting regulatory requirements, obtaining paleontological and archaeological clearances and environmental permits for their projects, and ensuring that scientifically important fossils and artifacts are preserved in place, repatriated, or curated for educational and research purposes in natural history museums or other government-approved curation facilities.

Our company philosophy is to reward hard work, develop and invest in the strength of our employees, and train those with dedication and professional potential to be as versatile and well-rounded as possible. We offer a casual, lively, professional, and collaborative office workspace with fellow scientists and administrative staff.

Paleo Solutions, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.