Geoarchaeologists or Archaeologists with Geoarchaeology Training, 4-Month (+ Summer Season), GeoProbe Coring and Monitoring, Pipeline Project (Start Date: Dec. 7th) for Geoarcheology Research Associates, Inc.

Heidi Luchsinger

Deep test GeoProbe coring and monitoring in Minnesota.  Both BAs and MA/PhDs are encouraged to apply.  Some geoarchaeology experience/training (sedimentology, soil science, geomorphology, micromorphology, geology, etc.) is required and at a minimum, you need to know the difference between a sediment and a soil.  Any GIS experience is a major plus but not required.

Expectations: We are looking for flexible employees who can handle intense fieldwork, cold conditions, and are fully committed to a project timeline.  They must have a professional attitude with strong organizational skills and have some experience or exposure to core-based testing/analysis or Late Pleistocene-Holocene landscape reconstruction.

In return, you will work with multiple professional geoarchaeologists and receive a competitive salary based on qualifications and experience.  Exceptional work ethic, attitude, attention to detail, and quality fieldwork will lead to future quality projects in geoarchaeology.

Please send short email of interest and resume/CV to:


Heidi Luchsinger, PhD, RPA

Geoarchaeologist – Archaeological Micromorphologist

Geoarcheology Research Associates, Inc.