Reminder: Academic Postings are acceptable on ShovelBums

R. Joe Brandon

Hey all,

I wanted to remind you academic postings are also allowed on ShovelBums. I have not often promoted this aspect of ShovelBums. However the inevitable tax squeeze that many countries are going to be feeling this fall from the spring contraction in the global economy (and tax revenue) will likely result in a choking of fund for higher level education. As a result, any openings for positions at these institutions needs to get as wide of coverage as economically as possible to maximize their ability to get highly qualified candidates. 

Because ShovelBums has been active since 1999 and has helped fill over 60,000 positions at all levels there are now enough “old timers” in academia who once used ShovelBums for themselves back in the day ;-)  These profesionals know that the positions that come across ShovelBums are not just the entry level “ShovelBum” level postings and that they run all the way up the ladder to regional historic officers.  The reality of ShovelBums is that it is so profoundly boring that only serious professionals make up the 12,000+ recipients. And many of these same professionals are also highly qualified contenders for academic positions, but because of the realities of the job market they moved into CRM, Government, etc... instead of academia to make ends meet, and are not actively perusing the numerous academic jobs boards. But they are likely on ShovelBums. And if they are not? The field is small enough that with 12,000+ members one of the members will know the person who is ideally qualified for your programs unique needs and easily forward them the relevant email.

The best thing is that a posting on ShovelBums for an academic Anthropology, Archaeology, CRM position is only $100, but, because we all know how, errrr, frugal(?) department chairs can be. If your department does not feel ShovelBums provides a reasonable number of qualified applicants, there is no charge. I am really quite (painfully) flexible in working to make sure anyone who uses ShovelBums to find an employee is happy. And if you find your employee on one of the $300-$1400 jobs boards, and not through ShovelBums? Just let me know and I will waive the fee. ShovelBums is all about service to you. And I guarantee you, there is no professional service with the reach of ShovelBums that has enough confidence in their business model, to offer you that and also be helping the community grow with highly qualified applicants.

If you are interested you can easily join ShovelBums to post your announcement using these directions 

And if you are a fellow ShovelBum and you know your old department is not on the list consider sending this to someone at the main office to let them know (though someone there should be posting positions on the department info board and profs should be using this as an example of where to find jobs after school, just sayin’ ;-)

ShovelBums = Reaching the entire population of Anthro/Arch professionals in the world almost instantly. ShovelBums just works. 


R. Joe